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about us

"Spanishbue is a group of spanish teachers that offers a different way to learn the language. We want to guide to our students in different activities that gives a nearness to the spanish in its real contexts, using this contexts to ilustrate and introduce the gramatical issues. To speak is our principal goal, we want to give the necessary elements for chating with our students, and then we can go to reading activities, audio excersises, tours, etc. We develope a special view of the teaching, based in our experience as teachers."

Spanishbue teachers are young proffesionals (either teachers or linguists) with granted experience in the field of teaching Spanish as a second language. Theese teachers have adquired their degrees in the most important institutions of Buenos Aires, advocated to the studies of the litterature, culture and language of Latin America and Spain.We consider the language to be the key that grants the access to the most characteristic and idiosyncratic particularities of the destination the traveller visits.
Right in the middle of Buenos Aires, Spanishbue means a comfortable way to learn Spanish. Our teachers know that teaching a language is also a way of trading cultures and traditions, so they make a special effort in showing their students the ways of the world the students are about to discover.

about Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the most important cities in Latin-America due to its tourist and cultural activities, the peculiarities of its architecture and the beauty of its landscapes; it is also the gateway to all tourist destinations in the country.
It has become one of the main capitals of the Spanish language. Those interested in acquiring a complete domain of the language can now count on the possibility of approaching a Spanish-speaking environment, strengthening and accelerating their studies.

regular courses

Spanishbue provides materials and programmes according to the students needs.

-“Surviving Spanish”. (Recommended for beginners) Group classes (up to five persons) or one-to-one lessons. This class is orientated to expose the basic grammar as well as the appropriate pronunciation. The goal we seek is that the student can perform in any given verbal situation, such as: shopping, asking for addresses, making reservations, etc. The completion of this goal takes from four to ten hours.

-“Intensive Spanish”. Group classes (up to five persons) or one-to-one lessons. This class is orientated to developing the written as well as the oral communication in a global approach to the language. With a three-level classification (beginners, intermediates and experienced in the language), we group the students, through the appropriate tests, in the level that fits them best. The total length of these courses is variable and depends exclusively on the development of each student.

- “Super-intensive Spanish”. Group classes (up to five persons) or one-to-one lessons. This class is orientated to those ones who need the language for working or studying. Spanishbue provides the speciffic technical material orientated to the matter, for instance: law studies, architecture, medicine, business, culture etc. It also includes the possibility of taking a special seminar of oral communication.

-“Spanish for travellers”. Group classes (up to five persons) or one-to-one lessons. This class is based on rapid learning methods for those travellers that need the basics of the language in a fast manner for touring Argentina and other Spanish speaking destinations. In this particular course we take a wide view of Argentina and Latin-America, with their different variations and slangs. Here, we seek to introduce the student to the cultural, idiosyncratic and historical frame.

Each course offers the option of touring the city in the company of a teacher for a better profit of the learning process, where the students can exercise their skills “in situation” with native speaking people. Each and every course is also complemented with audio-visual material that increases the possibilities of the learning process.

special seminars

If you are interested, please ask for our special seminars:

-Argentinean and Latin-American Literature.

-Visual Arts.

-Theatre and Dance.


-Tango (history, lyrics and composition).

Also special orientations in:

- Business Spanish.

- Informatics Spanish.

- Slang.

- Tourism.

contact us

For information, application and all kind of queries, please write to: